'nightones' mixtape (100 copies only)

from pet deaths

pet deaths, nightones

1. e numbers

2. when i get home, fire flies rush me

3. snap, crackle and ______

4. they only come out at night

5. the assassination of james m hall

'nightones’ mixtape is a warped blanket of night time textures to send you off into slumber, featuring five improvised instrumental tracks combining guitar noises, loops, op-1, mellotron, bells, ghosts, gongs, tv fuzz and dreams.

this ultra limited release is exclusive and will not be made public or on any streaming services at this time. once purchased you will receive the following:

- 1 of 100 deluxe white cassette tapes

- 1 of 100 super high quality A3 hand numbered foldout prints (in collaboration with centrefold magazine)

- the above vacuum pack sealed in recycled material

- private link to a live stream of the nightones installation visuals on 26 07 2020 (21:00 GMT). feature length 27 mins

- Exclusive WAV file download of 'nightones' mixtape


the original concept for ’nightones’ came about in early 2020 following the release of pet deaths’ debut album ’to the top of the hill and roll...’. inspired by olafur eliasson’s ‘in real life’ exhibition, their aim was to create a low budget light and sound installation in an abandoned london shop. due to social distancing restrictions a new approach has been adopted...

recorded in one take during the witching hours of lockdown, with the moon as a witness and the mornings peering through their double glazing, pet deaths have created a series of compositions from their respective homes, capturing the expression of improvised sounds.

after some subtle snips and edits from the sessions, they decided to release these sketches paired with the enchanting dreamlike visuals curated by babar nazir and photography from andrew g hobbs (centrefold magazine).

“we wanted the chance to still be able to experience something together, as opposed to simply releasing a youtube video into the world. we hope that this can be a unique experience for all that have bought the release and invite you to join us in creating a shared moment and an opportunity to completely switch off and lose yourself for the duration of our live video stream screening.”



track 1-4 by pet deaths
mixed by liam karima
track 5 ‘the assassination of james m hall' by james m hall himself

photography and art concept by andrew g hobbs
video installation art curated by babar nazir

all rights of the producer and the owner of the recorded work are reserved.
unauthorised copying, public performance, broadcasting, hiring or rental is prohibited.

© all rights reserved.

© & ℗ pet deaths 2020

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